A conversation came up between two Christians. One was accusing or blaming the other for attending a Church where the members are motivated every now and then. The friend replied; “Would you rather attend a Church where you are demotivated?” That ended the argument. No one wants to be demotivated.

Friend, you need to be motivated (Psalms 19:5). Motivation is a choice. Stop hanging around people that keep dampening your morale and instilling fear in your heart. Don’t attend a Church that leaves you more discouraged than you came in. A great Church is one that lifts your spirit. It is one that empowers you to step into work on Monday and go all out to make things happen to the glory of God (Jeremiah 3:15).

Sometimes, it is not about the message but how it is preached. We can preach holiness in a way that people are ‘motivated’ to live a life of holiness or we can teach it with pseudo precision that people conclude that they can never measure up to God’s standard. We can teach against sin in a way that ‘motivates’ people to hate sin or teach it in a way that further causes people to romance it (Romans 6:1-2).

Repentance is not about feeling remorseful. It is about about having a change of heart and life. People can weep, roll on the floor, feel so low, down, guilty and all that, yet they have not truly changed. In fact, they have been so preached to that they are too weak to rise up to go please God. True repentance should bring refreshing (Acts 3:19).

You need a high doze of motivation to deliver your dreams and destiny this season. In a country where almost nothing is working, where you wake up daily with discouraging news, there is no better time for motivation than now. In a year where the first half have been quite bad for people, nothing else can turn the table around than the right motivation; one founded on scriptures (Micah 7:8).

If you don’t motivate yourself, nobody will. The fact that you are demotivated is not because of the people or situations around you. It is because you have not learnt to motivate yourself (Psalms 103:1). You don’t have to feel excited to be excited, you can excite yourself. You can preach yourself to peak performance. That is the mark of maturity.