Demola Awoyele Ministries International

At ‘Demola Awoyele Ministries International, our assignment is huge, our calling is clear, our mandate is strong. It is to disciple the nations. It is to make men and women all over the world to conform to who and what God has ordained them to be.

This assignment runs with a tripartite mandate and operation to:

1. Empower People

2. Strengthen Local Churches

3. Raise Quality Leaders.

DAMI believes that when churches are strengthened, people are empowered and quality leaders would be raised who would govern every sector of life and the society.

We are geared towards building capacities in people for lasting life and destiny.

We have various platforms of operations via which we fulfil our God given mandate;

We run Destiny Impact Church, which is the Church arm of the ministry, empowering people for life and destiny.

We host capacity building conferences (Built2Last Conference) on a monthly basis where all kinds of people are equipped and empowered to function maximally in their spheres.

We organize leadership seminars, conferences, teachings and trainings (Leaders Arise), where time proven leadership principles are taught and expounded in a pragmatic way helping people to grow their lives and work as they make maximum impact to the glory of God.

We speak in local Churches, building capacity in their members, workers and leaders, as we strengthen their work and operations while building and establishing God’s kingdom on the earth.

We produce relevant materials and resources in form of books, newsletters, magazines, CDs, videos, podcasts, audio teachings, to help reach people all over the world as we fulfil our mandate of discilping the nations.

And we do every other stuff as directed and enabled by God as we reach the world for Jesus.


We welcome you as you join us in this journey of discipling the nations.

To partner with us or be a part of what we do, kindly send an SMS or WhatsApp to: 08038328650, or send an email to:

Yours for lasting impact,

‘Demola Awoyele,
Demola Awoyele Ministries International

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