Recently, my younger daughter came back from school. After she was done with her homework, she remembered that she was given a passage of the Bible to study from Church the previous Sunday. She approached me to open the Bible app on my phone so she could read with me.

Sincerely, I was tired. Bible study was not what I wanted to do at that time. But I needed to encourage a passionate young chap. So I joined her to read. She read out the passage (21 verses) with accuracy and seriousness. Her solo read turned out to be a short Bible study session for me. She became my growth company.

Friend, you need a growth company. Although growth is personal, it is not done in isolation. If you don’t choose your company wisely, it will affect your growth greatly (Proverbs 27:17). Especially in your walk with God, you need a growth company. There are a lot of forces fighting against your spiritual growth that going solo and silent would be the bane of your spiritual health (Luke 22:31-32).

Did you notice that Jesus always kept his disciples close to Him (Mark 6:31-32)? Also, the apostles and disciples were always in company (Acts 4:23). What now made you think you would would it alone? What made you think that keeping to yourself without associating with other believers in church and everyday relationships would help your spiritual health? It is a demonic suggestion that would make you withdraw from the right company. Even when God says to you to withdraw, it is only for a season and for a reason.

Man is never created for isolation but for community (Genesis 2:18). The devil does not work in isolation. He has networks of demons and agents working together to carry out his agenda on earth (Mark 5:9). Again, if demons and agents of the devil work together, why do you think you would survive alone (Ecclesiastes 4:9-12)? Most battles are lost in isolation, while most victories are obtained in connections and community (Ephesians 6:12). You are as strong as your relationship network.

When the disciples were persecuted, they went back to their own company (Acts 4:23). What company do you have to go back to when life happens to you? We always praise the excellence of Daniel and his success in Babylon, but we sometimes forget that he had Shadrach, Meshach, and Abdnego (Daniel 2:48-49). He always ensured they were with him. A lot of people get swamped in politics and wickedness in high places because they left critical people behind.

You need a growth company. You need people who would help you to stay focused and on fire. Again, be careful of that voice asking you to withdraw and be alone (Judges 18:28). It is almost always not from God. You need networks of relationships; covenant friends, a spiritual father, and a vibrant church family if you would grow consistently and progress safely. Where is your growth company?

‘Demola Awoyele
Lead Pastor,
Destiny Impact Church
Akure, Nigeria