One of the dramas I had to go through with my children when they were younger is in getting their comfortable space in the car. Especially when the car is filled with people, they would ‘fight’ over space. They would say things like; “This is my position, move away” and stuff like that. They would not allow anyone to shift them from their position.

Friend, oppositions in your life are because of your great position in life. Don’t let the devil shift you. What you are going through is because of where you are going to. A lot of people carry great destiny and future that the devil cannot afford to leave them alone. However, if you know you serve a great God and that you carry His presence on your inside, you would ride every storm and you would reach your destination as a victor (Luke 8:22-24).

Christianity is not a storm-proof journey but a journey of victory over the storms of life. Have you ever asked why the scriptures often spoke about our victories? It is because we would go through stuff! Overcomers are those who came over stuff (1 John 5:4)! Yes, we overcame because we came over! Glory to God! Hallelujah!

Perhaps, one of the reasons a lot of so-called Christians cave in or back down in the face of challenges is because they have been wrongly taught. The kind of Christianity they were presented is one in which there would be no issue, challenge or whatever. This is not the Bible. We would go through stuff. Our faith would be tested (James 1:1-4). But we would come out strong and victorious.

God never promised you it would be easy, He only said it would be possible. He never promised that you won’t go through stuff, He only said He would be with you in all you go through and you would come out victorious (Isaiah 43:1-2). When you arm yourself with this truth and face life with a victory mentality, you would ride every storm and come out victorious as you fulfil your destiny.

We need to have the mindset of Jesus in the midst of storms; He was sleeping – calm and at peace! You need to simply release the peace of God on your inside over the storms of life (Luke 8:24). The answer of God for the questions and challenges of life lies on your inside. There is the peace of God on your inside. It is meant to be superimposed on the storms or challenges out there in life. Release God’s peace on your life and destiny now!

© ‘Demola Awoyele
Lead Pastor,
Destiny Impact Church
Akure, Nigeria