Recently, we noticed our baby Daniel was making attempts to stand and walk. But he has not started crawling yet, so the elder sister tried to caution him not to attempt walking since he has not started crawling. What I loved most was the response of my wife, who said; “He does not have to crawl. He can begin by standing and walking.” That response passed a message to me.

Friend, you don’t have to crawl. I know that there is a normal sequence that people expect your life to follow. They believe that some things must not happen until some other things have happened. As good as it may sound, that idea can limit your faith and possibilities in destiny (Mark 9:23). You don’t have to crawl.

Whoever tells you that standing and walking have to be preceded by crawling may not have taught you well. The fact that it is common around does not mean that is how God wants your own life to be. You need to come to the point where you stop living the script of people or society (Romans 12:2). Destiny is not a matter of popular opinion. It is about following God’s plan for your own life.

I tell singles in our church that there is no law that says you cannot marry into your own house. Who told you that you have to borrow someone else’s car to chauffer you on your wedding day? You can own your own house and your car before getting married. It is about your mindset (Proverbs 23:7). You don’t have to crawl. You can start a church or ministry in your own property. You don’t have to begin by renting.

I have heard people say that until you have mastered how to heal headache, don’t attempt to heal terminal diseases or even raise the dead (Mark 16:17-20). Faith does not usually work that way. The kingdom is not mathematics. It is purely a Holy Spirit operation in and through us. Your possibility in this kingdom is tied to the allowance you give the Holy Spirit in your life (Romans 8:14). You don’t have to crawl.

Most times, we love to compete and compare ourselves with people when God wants us to wait on Him and get His blueprint for our own life (2 Corinthians 10:12). It is those who wait on God that are empowered to soar. Others may seem to have gone ahead of you. But when you take time to wait on God and follow His dealings and leading in your life, you would not have to crawl. You will soar (Isaiah 40:31). Get ready to soar this month! You will succeed!

‘Demola Awoyele
Lead Pastor,
Destiny Impact Church
Akure, Nigeria