While on campus, we had this culture in our fellowship that helped shape people’s mindset about life. We learnt to call problems challenges. You would hardly find a committed member of our fellowship talk about problems. They simply called them challenges. That attitude enabled us to triumph over the biggest of life’s issues. We understand that we don’t have a problem.

Friend, how do you see life’s issues and circumstances? Do you see them as problems or as challenges? What you call them is what they would show to you. If you call them obstacles, they will hinder your progress and advancement. But if you see them as stepping stones, they will help you to step up and soar higher. Learn to call things what God calls them (2 Corinthians 4:17).

When you see problems as challenges, you would respond rather than react. Really, challenges are calling for the substance of grace inside of you. Unlike problems, challenges are not meant to defeat you. They are meant to reveal you (1 Samuel 17:45-58). They are working for you, not against you. Be careful when your road is smooth. You are likely headed in the road direction.

Perspective matters. What some people call giants, others call bread (Numbers 13:30-33, 14:6-9). What some people call job loss, others see as opportunity to birth possibilities. What some call rejection, others see as redirection (Judges 11:1-11). You need to pray that God will help you to see things the way He sees them. That sickness is not unto death. It is to birth the glory of God in your life (John 11:4, 11).

Nobody develops muscles by reading fitness magazines. You have to hit the gym. You have got to carry weights. You have got to go through stuff. In the same vein, challenges are our opportunities to acquire capacities (1 Samuel 17:32-37). The capacities you need to take cities would be acquired as you go through your seasons of challenges. Don’t appear as a midget. Let God shape you for your destiny.

God has not promised you that the vision will be easy. He has only promised you that it will be possible. It is not bad to go through stuff. Just ensure that you are not stuck (Isaiah 43:2). In the midst of your fire of testing and waters of affliction, you would always see God’s faithfulness (1 Corinthians 10:13). He is the first man in the fire. He got there before you, and He’s waiting to help you through it (Daniel 3:24-30). Amen.

‘Demola Awoyele
Lead Pastor,
Destiny Impact Church
Akure, Nigeria