Recently, we were at the dining when my younger daughter said this to me; “Daddy, I still remember what I studied in the Bible last week.” Then she went ahead to tell me. That simple conversation around our family dinner communicated something to me about the need to commit scriptures to memory.

Friend, you cannot outgrow memory verse (1 Timothy 4:16). I know a lot of people from Christian backgrounds grew up memorising scriptures. I remember those days of “Sword drill,” where we would have kids come out to open scriptural verses as quickly as possible. I remember a young chap who quoted the whole of Psalms 119 off hand. Those memories are quite interesting.

But why did we stop such great practices? What was it that replaced such childhood training in scriptures and spiritual matters (2 Timothy 3:15)? Worse still, not many children churches still inculcate such disciplines into their learning curriculum. We now gather children to entertain them rather than educate and empower them (2 Timothy 1:5).

My concern today is not even for children. It is for adults who think that memorising scriptures is no longer necessary for their growth and development (Joshua 1:8). What most people fail to realise is that the very habits and disciplines that helped you grow would be the very ones that would sustain your growth. Have you ever wondered why you are no longer growing as you used to? Have you checked your habits and disciplines lately (1 Timothy 4:15)?

Perhaps one of the things I do easily while preaching in church is to quote scriptures off hand. But it comes at a cost and with discipline (Psalms 119:96-100). While my childhood upbringing played a significant role, I needed to sustain the discipline. I intentionally commit scriptures to memory. At times, I have to open Bible verses a few times daily to ensure they stick. It’s not a gift. It’s a discipline.

The instruction to meditate on and apply scriptures was given to everyone, not only pastors (Joshua 1:8). Like Timothy, knowing the scriptures would make you wise unto salvation (2 Timothy 3:15). Unfortunately, some are saved but not wise. No wonder the devil often plays a fast one on them (2 Corinthians 2:11). If the word of God is your weapon, then you must remember to use it (Psalms 149:6-9).

‘Demola Awoyele
Lead Pastor,
Destiny Impact Church
Akure, Nigeria