Recently, my younger daughter complained of stomach pain. Usually, she would meet me for prayers. But on this particular day, I simply told her; “Lay your hands on your stomach and say this prayer…” Afterwards, I told her; “That’s what to do anytime you have any challenge whatsoever.” She slept off afterwards and woke up perfectly well.

Friend, great leaders make themselves replaceable (Acts 20:25). The idea of leadership that makes you think you are irreplaceable is both ungodly and an illusion. The truth is, when you die, people will continue life without you. The best thing to do is to make yourself replaceable while alive by choice, not by force.

Notice the reaction of Jesus to the disciples when they could not cast out the demon (Matthew 17:17)? He wondered how long he would have to be with them. To him, they had better learn to do without him while he’s with them, or else they become incapacitated and ineffective when he’s no more.

If people keep running to you each time they have probem, it is proof that you are not developing them (2 Timothy 1:6). This is why the teaching ministry will always raise mature people more than prayer ministry. A good minister must learn to combine both teaching and prayer (1 Samuel 12:23, Acts 6:4). The more you teach people, the less they will have to depend on you for prayer.

What now happens when people don’t need me again? Won’t I lose my relevance? This is the fear in the heart of most leaders. But we need not fear. When you train people and free yourself, you are able to move to a higher dimension of life and leadership. Leaders who don’t invest in training and releasing people often get stuck. Keeping people ignorant will keep a leader stagnant (Luke 10:1-2).

If you are a parent, train your children to stand on their own. They won’t be with you forever (2 Timothy 1:5). If you are a pastor, train your church to operate without your direct involvement (Acts 6:1-4). As a business person, you can multiply your influence and income by training people who can do as much as you can and much more (Matthew 17:27). Great leaders don’t just lead followers. They raise other leaders. Did you get it?

‘Demola Awoyele
Lead Pastor,
Destiny Impact Church
Akure, Nigeria