It was obvious that all of us on the table were pastors except one person. He began his introduction with these words; “You know, I’m not a pastor like you all, just pardon my level of knowledge.” In his speech, I saw a man who felt inferior because he was not like the rest of us. Anyway, we made him feel welcomed and we all had a great time. I left that meeting with a lesson on inferiority complex. 

Friend, inferiority complex is a major problem in the pursuit of God’s call. Inferiority complex reveals itself in many ways. When you refuse to do nothing thinking that others have what you don’t have, you are just being plagued by inferiority complex (Matthew 25:24-30). When you think that God is most loving and favorable to other people except you, it is a sign of inferiority thinking (1 John 4:19).

When you cannot freely appreciate what others are doing without finding fault, it is a sign of inferiority complex. Looking at the way Luke commended the works of previous writers before writing the book of Luke, you would see a man who is contented with what God is doing in and through him (Luke 1:1). He would not be overwhelmed by the success of others as to abandon his own calling.

Attempting to dim other people’s light does not make yours shine brighter, and the brightness of other people’s light does not make yours go dim. True light actually enhances other lights. It takes several stars in the sky to give the sky the brightness that everyone loves to see. When we shine together, we make the world beautiful (Galatians 2:8). 

We all have unique callings and we all came into the kingdom at unique times and seasons (Esther 4:14).That Luke was not privileged to be a part of Jesus’s 12 disciples does not make him less. If he saw himself less he would not have done much for God in his generation. Can you imagine what the Bible would have looked like without the book of Acts written by a medical doctor? You can be both professional and prophetic at the same time.

We are supposed to think highly of our lives and callings but not more highly (Romans 12:3). Thinking lowly is inferiority complex, thinking more highly is superiority complex. But thinking highly is kingdom complex. Don’t hide what you have because of undue comparison and never overemphasize your importance. We all have unique roles and contributions to make in life.

‘Demola Awoyele

Lead Pastor,

Destiny Impact Church

Akure, Nigeria