“Pastor, I love the momentum with which your Church started and is moving. You are really doing a great work.” This was the comment I received from a senior minister in a city. While I appreciated his comment and encouragement, I already knew I was doing a great work. This has been my mindset from onset.

Friend, know that you are doing a great work wherever and in whatever God has called you to do for His glory. Don’t let anyone make you think or feel otherwise (Nehemiah 6:2-3). What makes your work great is the person (God) before whom and for whom you are doing it, not the ‘greatness’ of the work per se.

You are doing a great work. This must be your understanding else you fall victim of ‘distractors and discouragers’. The strategy of the devil has always been to discourage, distract and deceive you so as destroy you or the work you are doing for God. Don’t fall for this. You must know how to handle mockers and mockery if you will go far with God and in life (Hebrews 12:1-3).

Learn to ignore mockers. Don’t let others mock what God is using to make you (Nehemiah 4:1-6). Stop moving with people who don’t see or say anything serious or good about what you are doing. They stay mute and sometimes issue negative comments just to make you lose focus on your life and assignment (Nehemiah 4:3).

Stop expecting everyone to understand, like or appreciate what you are doing at the moment; the future will tell! Men that do things that count don’t stop to count them, others can count or ignore them, it doesn’t make any difference. Don’t listen to the voice of accusers around you. Don’t look at those who say that you are too forward or proud doing what you are doing (1 Samuel 17:28-29, 1 Timothy 4:12).

Once you are sure that you are where you should be per time doing what you should be doing under God, any other opinion outside this does not really matter (Acts 26:19). Keep doing the great work. Don’t come down to the level of mockers, distractors and discouragers. They can only stop you when you come down to their level (Nehemiah 6:3).

Stay up there. Stay up high with conviction, confidence and commitment doing what God has called you to do (Acts 20:24). Don’t come down to hatred, offences, fables and the likes. Don’t let the devil pull you down to his level. Remember that you are seated with Christ, far above the devil and his cohorts (Ephesians 2:6). He can only have an advantage over you when you come down to his level. You are doing a great work! Don’t come down!

© ‘Demola Awoyele
Lead Pastor,
Destiny Impact Church
Akure, Nigeria