Few years ago, I was invited to minister in a Church. It was pastored by one of those elders in the faith. He was a little skeptical given that the program committee suggested a young man as guest speaker. So he asked them to put the invite on hold so he could make his findings about me.

He put a few calls through to the senior leaders of our former ministry. According to him, “I have heard a lot of positive commendations about you. You have the stage!” That incident taught me a lesson about the power of recommendation.

Friend, there is power in positive recommendation. Most times, someone would have to introduce you to your critical audience. This is why you must be careful of the taste you are leaving behind in the mouth of those with whom you have relationship. It could be the reason for future recommendations or restrictions.

As Heavenly as the life and ministry of Jesus was, someone had to introduce him before people could receive him. A lot of people had been used to John the Baptist. They respected his ministry. He was a voice that everyone could listen to. Introducing Jesus as the Messiah was instrumental to the acceptance of Jesus’ ministry (John 1:26-37). It gave him access, acceptability and credibility.

“But Barnabas took him, and brought him to the apostles…” (Acts 9:27). Think of the role that Barnabas played in Saul’s ministry and you would understand and appreciate the power of recommendation. A lot of people were not sure of Paul and his ministry; they were still doubting his conversion (Acts 9:26-29). It took a Barnabas who was already known to make Paul known. Despite how apostolic the ministry of Paul was, he would have been stranded.

There are some doors that won’t open for you unless someone opens it. You cannot force destiny to happen, you need to align yourself with the principles that make life work. Life becomes beautiful when God positions people around you to take you by the hand. Peter was shut out of the palace, during the trial of Jesus, until a certain disciple, known to the high priest, gave him access (John 18:15-16).

You cannot be a reference without a reference point. Someone should be able to tell your story. Don’t abuse fathers else you elongate your journey in destiny. Don’t joke with where you are now and who you are relating with; they are ladders to your next level. Career advancement thrives on referrals. Business thrives on referrals. The same with ministry and life generally. You cannot introduce yourself as others would.

© ‘Demola Awoyele
Lead Pastor,
Destiny Impact Church
Akure, Nigeria