I read the testimony of a dear one recently where he shared how many times he needed to put in for overseas scholarship applications. According to him, he had over a hundred rejections, but he kept trying until he finally got one. Today, he has fulfilled his career dream to the glory of God. His testimony reminded me about the need to become restless.

Friend, if you don’t quit, you will soon win. Winners never quit, and quitters never win (Micah 7:8). You need to make up your mind to keep on keeping on until you reach your goal and fulfil your destiny (Philippians 3:12-14). You need to become restless. This was perhaps the only blessing that Isaac pronounced upon Esau (Genesis 27:40).

The story of Esau teaches us that you can get by persistence what life denies you by providence. Who would have thought that Esau would still make something tangible out of his life despite the fact that he missed the blessing (Genesis 32:6). What about you? What have you missed? Why are you still crying over what life or people have denied you when you can decide your own fate by your persistence (Judges 11:1-11)?

There is a deliverance and breakthrough that come to the restless. Most times, people go for deliverance sessions to no avail simply because they are not ready to give life what it takes (Isaiah 10:27). Listen, no matter how much gallon of oil is poured on your head. No matter how much prayers and prophecies you have received. If you refuse to persist and insist, you will end up living lesser than God planned (1 Timothy 1:18).

Esau still turned out well despite that he missed the blessing. He became restless. He worked on himself to the point that he never needed what Jacob had (Genesis 33:9). It seems to me that carriers of the blessing often play truant in destiny, while those who seem not to be blessed eventually overtakes them (Ecclesiastes 10:7). The blessing is simply an empowerment to labour.

Isaac laboured until he got to his Rehoboth (Genesis 26:22). Don’t give up too soon. Don’t get to Esek and throw in the towel when Rehoboth is still ahead (Genesis 26:20). Stop giving excuses of the curses in your father’s house. There is a way you can live your life that no curse will survive in your life. Just like blessing requires the right structure to deliver, curses also need something to work with in your life. Don’t provide that platform.

‘Demola Awoyele
Lead Pastor,
Destiny Impact Church
Akure, Nigeria