As he stepped on the podium to give his testimony that Sunday, I could see the joy beaming all over his face. In his exact words; “Everybody has been sharing testimonies of miracle ‘alarm’. I have wondered if it’s real. Now, I’ve experienced it first hand, God is here!”

Friend, when you are in your season, you would look like an expert before men. What you have is what people would be looking for. It does not matter whether you are a dream interpreter like Joseph, a musician like David or a mighty man of valour like Jephthah, being in your season positions you for the highest level of relevance (Genesis 41:14-16, 1 Samuel 16:14-23, Judges 11:1-6).

Don’t envy a man who is in his season (James 3:16). Rather, celebrate him in his season as you await your own season. Use other people’s season as a motivation to prepare for yours. When your neighbour is pregnant and expectant of a baby, let it be a reminder to you that God still gives children (Isaiah 54:1).

When your friend is walking down the aisle in Holy matrimony, let it encourage you that yours is just around the corner. Envying a man who is in his season is prolonging the arrival of your own miracle. You can fasttrack your own manifestations by being a part of other people’s joy (2 Corinthians 1:24). Share in the joy. Sow a seed. Contribute to their celebrations.

When you are in your season, stay humble (James 4:6-7). Never think or assume that others are doing something wrong for not manifesting as you are manifesting. Refuse the temptation of becoming a self acclaimed mentor to your mates simply because you are in a better season than they. Maintain friendship, refuse pride.

When you are in your season, manage it well. Don’t use your position to usurp authority over others. Potiphar may be Joseph’s boss today but his very life would soon be tied to the magnanimity of Joseph (Genesis 39:1, 41:40. Seasons come and go (Daniel 2:21). Use your season of shinning well and others would accommodate you in their light when time comes (Luke 16:9).

‘Demola Awoyele
Lead Pastor,
Destiny Impact Church
Akure, Nigeria