I was chatting with my precious daughters when the younger one asked; “Daddy, can we name our baby Zebulun?” While trying to wrap my mind around that name, I asked her; “Why did you ask and who’s Zebulun?” She responded; “It’s the name of one of Jacob’s children.” I had to go check the meaning of that name.

Friend, what do men call you? Parents have an awesome responsibility under God to name their children correctly (1 Samuel 4:21). You need to have a glimpse into the plans and program of God for every child passing through your loins.

Stop being environmental or grammatical in naming your children. Discover what God has said concerning them and name them accordingly. We must not repeat the mistakes of our fathers and forefathers. We should be an improvement of previous generations (Psalms 71:18, 78:4-8).

Scriptural light and understanding must guide us now. We need to ask God for specific details about our children and order them after same (Judges 13:12). And in case you bear a name that does not seem to match your revealed destiny, don’t let it affect you. Rather, allow God via His word and Spirit to supply you understanding as to who you really are in God and begin to answer to that.

What God calls you is more important than what men call you. Gideon was supposed to be a man of valour, not a weakling running from the enemy (Judges 6:11-12). Jesus was supposed to be the Saviour of the world, not just the son of a Carpenter (Matthew 1:21, Mark 6:3). Jephthah was supposed to be a deliverer, not a bastard (Judges 11:1-11).

Peter was supposed to be a rock, and not a reed that he was initially called (Matthew 16:18). Jacob was called a cheat despite that God had called him Israel (a prince) after the Abrahamic order (Genesis 32:28). There is something God has called you. Discover it in the word, enforce it in prayers, walk in the consciousness of it and you would be a winner, anytime, any day!

‘Demola Awoyele
Lead Pastor,
Destiny Impact Church
Akure, Nigeria