“Stay with me. Don’t be afraid, for he who seeks my life seeks your life. You will be safe with me” (1 Samuel 22:23).

The Lord spoke to us, in our Church last December, about the crisis of year 2020; He spoke to us that, “Year 2020 would be a significantly great year, but it would also be full of crises for the world. However, the key to exemption triumph for His people would be to, know whom you believe and know where you belong.” Little did we know that #Covid-19 was going to be a major crisis for the world. But God’s word has indeed gone ahead! God is smarter and faster than the devil. Hallelujah!

Also, during our just concluded Mid Year Fasting and Prayers, the Lord said to us, among many other things, that, “There will still be many fallings and risings in year 2020, but you need to be properly joined so you can fulfil the destiny of rising and not of falling (Job 22:29, Luke 2:34). The high and mighty will still fall; even careless believers (2 Samuel 1:19-20).” These two different but very related divine revelations will form the basis of my sharing with you today. We need to get on board with God, heeding His words, so we can operate at a place of advantage, being victors and not victims.

Friend, let me ask you today, what are you joined to? Where do you belong? Where has God packaged your safety, deliverance and triumph even in the midst of this global crisis? Listen, what you are joined to will determine your safety, direction and progress this season. It would determine your speed and success. It would determine whether you would fulfil the destiny of rising or that of falling. It would determine if the remaining days of year 2020 would be that of recovery and restoration for you, or that of regrets. Indeed, it would determine if you would fulfil positive or negative prophecies.

When you check our opening text, you would be amazed at the audacity with which David (who himself was a fugitive, a wanderer, a distressed man, as it were) gave an assurance to that man, “Stay with me…with me you shall be safe.” That is the power of a destiny connection and a covenant joining. Sometimes, your safety is not as much in your caution, carefulness or prayerfulness, it is in your joining. When you are properly joined, even in your careless and most vulnerable moments, you would be safe and secured.

I pray that your eyes be opened to the truth about joining in Jesus name!

© ‘Demola Awoyele
Lead Pastor,
Destiny Impact Church

Akure, Nigeria