As part of their Home Economics practical class, my older daughter was required to sew an apron. She did so well that it became the talk of the house. She would always wear it to the kitchen as she joined her mum to cook. One day, I teased her about her excitement about putting on the apron. Her response passed a message to me; “Our teacher told us to always wear it.”

Friend, always wear your apron. There are many garments that define a man of destiny. There is the garment of righteousness, the garment of praise, and the garment of love and identity (like Joseph’s coat of many colours). But there is also the garment of service (Genesis 37:3, Isaiah 61:3,10, John 13:4). Unfortunately, many people are not familiar with this garment of service.

Until you put on the garment of service, you will not reach your destiny of greatness (Acts 13:36). Jesus demonstrated this when he rose from supper to wash his disciples’ feet. He was showing them a pattern they would follow as they pursued divine purpose (John 13:15). Sometimes, the person you follow would determine your attitude towards service.

Especially young people going into the ministry, an average person thinks of ministry as status, not service. They see the blessing, not the burden. They see the flamboyance, not the suffering. Some only love the stage lights, screens, and wonderful ambience. They do not care to learn the service that the ministry demands (Mark 10:35-40).

I think we need to restore the balance in the Mary-Martha story as seen in the gospels. While Jesus seemed to condemn Martha’s act of service to the neglect of sitting at the feet of Jesus, we should not undermine the importance of service (Luke 10:38-42). I recommend that we should all be Mary-Martha Christians, not just Mary or Martha. We should be both, with priority on being a Mary.

Ultimately, the intimacy of Mary must translate to the service of Martha. The reason we get God in intimacy is to get Him out to people in service (Matthew 4:19, Mark 3:14). You will never reach the height that God has primed for you in your walk with Him if you are not discharging ministry or service somewhere (Romans 12:11). Like my daughter’s Home Economics teacher told her; “Always wear your apron as you go to the kitchen.” It is part of home training. Find a home, a local church, and wear your apron of service. You will succeed.

‘Demola Awoyele
Lead Pastor,
Destiny Impact Church
Akure, Nigeria