My spiritual father told us a story years ago. As a young minister, he had a friend with whom he relates in ministry. In one of their meetings, this other minister said something that unsettled my spiritual father and eventually ended their relationship. He said; “My money is not in this town. I’m relocating elsewhere.” Well, he left shortly after that statement. Sadly, he’s no longer in ministry today. He couldn’t wait on his ministry.

Friend, you need to wait on your ministry (Romans 12:7). One of the best definitions of a minister is a waiter. If you have ever been to a restaurant or a classic event, you would understand what it means to be a waiter. A waiter waits on the person he serves. He does not have an agenda of his own. That is who we have been called to be; a waiter. Someone who waits on God for instructions and directions (Exodus 24:12, Mark 3:14).

God must cure you of haste if you would amount to anything serious under God (Isaiah 28:16). Ministry is not noodles. You cannot get it fixed in five minutes. It is a marathon, not a 100-meter dash. Really, it would take a lifetime of learning and leaning on God to fulfil your God-given destiny (John 15:5, 16). You need to wait on your ministry.

You need to keep on keeping on with what God has called you to do and see to it that it produces (Acts 26:19, 22). Like the young man in our opening story, some people are in ministry for money. They are in it for what to get (Philippians 3:17-19). Listen, if your motivation for ministry is money, you would be greatly disappointed. You should rather be a businessman and make money instead of bringing eternal damnation on yourself.

God will first grow your life before He grows your work (Luke 1:80, 2:40, 52). Most times, when you think your ministry or business is not growing, you are the one that God is growing. There is a capacity required for anything that would last and stand the test of time (Matthew 7:24-27). God will ensure that you have the right capacity before He releases His glory on your life, business, or ministry. This is why you need to wait.

Ministry is staying through to your instructions from God (Acts 26:19). You don’t change instruction. You don’t modify your calling based on the need of the hour. You can modify your method as allowed by God. But your calling, instructions, and consecration must remain unchanged. Stop jumping on what is trending. Stay on what is chosen for you by God, even if it is not popular, exciting, or rewarding (1 Kings 20:40). Wait on your ministry. Is this clear enough?

‘Demola Awoyele
Lead Pastor,
Destiny Impact Church
Akure, Nigeria