I did not immediately gain admission to the university when I left secondary school, until after a few years. So, I decided to engage in home coaching and also taught in tutorial centres. Recently, a young lady (now married with kids) was describing how she first met me. According to her, I did not only teach her Physics, I used the platform to introduce her to God and destiny.

FRIEND, USE YOUR INFLUENCE FOR GOD! One major reason why God gives His children influence is for the sake of the Kingdom. God advances us to advance His Kingdom (1 Samuel 12:6). He wants to use you to proclaim His lordship in your sphere of operations (Daniel 6:26).

WHEN YOU USE YOUR INFLUENCE FOR GOD, HE WOULD USE HIS POWER FOR YOU. God’s power works best for those who are sold out to God. Mordecai, Daniel, Nehemiah, Esther etc., all enjoyed God’s power as they served the purpose of God in their days. David also served God’s purpose in his days (Acts 13:36). He used his kingship to promote God’s rule and reign.

YOU HAVE INFLUENCE WHERE YOU HAVE RELATIONSHIP. Did you notice that Philip was the one who introduced Nathanael to Christ? Nathanael later became the disciple of Jesus (John 1:45-46). WHO ARE YOU GOING TO INTRODUCE TO GOD VIA YOUR RELATIONSHIP? God has no business raising you if your rising won’t raise the kingdom (1 Samuel 2:8, Psalms 75:6-7).

WHY SHOULD GOD PROMOTE YOU? WHY SHOULD HE GIVE YOU THAT JOB, ADMISSION, PLATFORM ETC? Is it to promote yourself or the Kingdom? Is it to advance God’s purpose or to lavish it on your pleasure. GOD IS NOT AGAINST PLEASURE BUT PURPOSE MUST COME BEFORE PLEASURE. Philip, the renowned Evangelist, started with one on one evangelism, bringing his friends to Jesus (Acts 21:8).

Your influence is God’s influence. Your platform is God’s platform. YOUR LIFE CAN EITHER BE A PLATFORM FOR GOD’S SPIRIT OR A PRISON FOR THE SAME. God wants to use your life as a vehicle for His Kingdom, power and glory. YOUR LIFE IS SUPPOSED TO BE A MOBILE MINISTRY CARRYING AND DISPLAYING GOD EVERYWHERE (Acts 8:4-8). May you not disappoint God!

‘Demola Awoyele
Lead Pastor,
Destiny Impact Church
Akure, Nigeria