The young man bought me a new phone on campus. He was in 100level then while I was the president of the fellowship. So I asked him; “Why this phone?” His response was; “Sir, I overheard you when you said you needed a new phone, so I thought it wise to get you one.” I appreciated the young man for his thoughtfulness and kind gesture, but I declined receiving the new phone. I knew it was not time to collect.

Friend, timing is crucial in destiny. Some things are not necessarily wrong but they can be wrong when they are done at the wrong time. Receiving that phone gift from the young man may not be wrong but it’s not appropriate at that time.

Sex is not wrong between a man and a woman if it is done in marriage, not outside of marriage. There is nothing wrong in taking a nap at home like David did, but it became wrong because he did it at the wrong time; at the time that kings go for war (2 Samuel 11:1).

Elisha did not rebuke Gehazi for collecting stuff from Naaman, he rebuked him for collecting it at the wrong time (2 Kings 5:26). There is time to collect, and there is time to say No. Life is about timing and people of wisdom have learnt to decipher when to do what (Ecclesiastes 3:1).

Wisdom is only 20% decision but 80% timing. You are as accurate in decision making as your sense of timing. When you work outside of God’s timing for things in your life, you become a victim of satanic assaults and truncate God’s program for your life.

Timing is a major component of the will of God. When the right thing is done at the right time it brings about the right result. We must tap into the Grace of sensitivity; we must know what we ought to do per time (1 Chronicles 12:32). It is a sign of immaturity to do what you like when you feel like doing it.

It is not about what you WANT to do but about what you OUGHT to do. What you want to do is connected to your feelings and senses but what you ought to do is connected to the revelation of your divine purpose. Refuse every form of pressure and stay content with what God is doing your life per time.

‘Demola Awoyele
Lead Pastor,
Destiny Impact Church
Akure, Nigeria