I heard the story of a former governor in our country who hinted about what he would do after leaving office. According to him, he would love to enrol in a Bible school to pursue his ministerial calling. He said he had always known that He would do ministry. He knew there’s a high calling.

Friend, there is a high calling that God has for you (Philippians 3:14). As you pursue God’s purpose for your life, you must learn to distinguish between the activities of ministry and the essence of ministry. The activities of life and ministry are the legitimate things that engage us on the physical and practical side of our lives. They are supposed to be the vehicle upon which our life’s purpose is carried out. We must not miss out on that ultimate purpose. It is the essence of life itself (1 John 3:8b).

For Mary Magdalene, she must anoint Jesus’ body for burial (Matthew 26:6-13). For Joseph of Arimathaea, he must request for the body of Jesus and give it a befitting burial (Mark 15:43). For Luke, he must write the books of Luke and Acts aside just being a medical doctor or following the disciples about (Luke 1:1, Acts 1:1). For Esther, aside from being the queen, she must stand for God in the palace, and most importantly, she must speak for God’s people and facilitate their freedom (Esther 4:14).

For Daniel, he must exude excellence in academics and administration, he must interpret dreams for the king and promote the Kingdom of God, but ultimately he must tap into the prophetic revelation of God’s plan for His people and make moves for it (Daniel 9:1-2). For Bazaleel, he must not only be a skilled and creative person, making money and building a great company, he must come under Moses’ leadership and be part of the building of the Temple (Exodus 31:1-6).

What am I saying today? You must live your life in such a way that you discharge God’s highest purpose for your life. No person’s calling is higher than another, but for each one of us, there is the highest calling to which we must respond (Acts 9:6, 26:19). Our low and medium calling are supposed to be a platform for fulfilling our high calling. This is why we must seek to excel in all areas of engagements in life.

Being an excellent banker, politician, or any other type of career is not your high calling, but it can be a platform for fulfilling it (Colossians 4:14). Pastoring the ‘largest’ church in the world is not your highest calling, but it can and should be a platform for fulfilling your calling (Matthew 3:1-13). You can be the pastor of the largest Church in the world and heaven is not satisfied with your life because you have failed to tap into and maximize God’s highest purpose for calling you, with the platform of a mega church.

‘Demola Awoyele
Lead Pastor,
Destiny Impact Church
Akure, Nigeria