My wife was attending an online program on the Zoom platform recently. On one of the days, she was not admitted in on time as she had to be kept in the waiting room. She got bothered and asked me; “Dear, is it possible for the program to have started while I’m left in the waiting room? Should I log out and relogin?” My response to her shed some light; “Yes, it is possible to be forgotten in the waiting room by the admin, but don’t log out.” Later, the admin got back to her.

Friend, it is impossible to be forgotten by God in the waiting room (Isaiah 49:15-16). Don’t log out. Sometimes, you wonder what could be going on at the other end. You wonder why you are kept in the waiting room. Could it be that you are forgotten? Are you on the wrong platform? Should you log out and relogin? Can you stray from God briefly and return? All these and many more are the contemplations of people in the waiting room.

Knowing how to manage yourself in God’s waiting room is very important to your getting along with God and fulfilling your destiny (Job 14:14). Like my wife, we sometimes ask the wrong people to help interpret what is happening at the other end. Like Job, our friends who, most times, are as clueless as we are may want to help us out while hurting us without knowing (Job 16:1-6, 42:7).

Don’t allow someone who does not understand your destiny to interpret your season for you. Some might say you are slow. Others would think you are not smart. Some may accuse you of living in sin. There are people who would tell you that you need deliverance. But the most important explanation you need must come from God, the administrator of your life. He knows why you are still kept in the waiting room. Wait for His feedback (Psalms 27:13-14, 62:5). Listen to what He has to say.

Really, some answers to prayers are not as direct as we think they are. Sometimes, we receive a yes. At other times, God says no. But there are times He neither says yes or no. He just keeps us waiting, while He makes necessary arrangements for the manifestation of our destiny. Many people like to hear yes. Some people can still handle a no. But not too many people can relate with wait (James 5:7-11).

When God says; “Wait,” what does He really mean? A lot of times, when God says wait, He means we should wait. Wait is a complete instruction on its own, requiring no further explanation. But the beauty of it is that we know that the One who told us to wait has our best interest at heart (Psalms 46:10). He is preparing something great for us. He has not forgotten us. His answer is near. The waiting room may not be enjoyable, but it is ultimately rewarding.

‘Demola Awoyele
Lead Pastor,
Destiny Impact Church
Akure, Nigeria