A young man came to me to share his vision for the year. It was a laudable vision and I could feel the euphoria it generated in him. While in counselling I asked; “What’s your plan to make this a reality?” He obviously hadn’t thought of it. I sat with him to shed light on the ‘how’ to the vision. In a matter of days, provisions came in and his vision began to soar.

Friend, vision requires plan for them to fly. While it is normal to have some euphoria around your vision, it is important you have a plan. There is the intoxicating nature of every divine vision. But beyond the intoxication, you need to sit and plan. Sitting to plan is a prerequisite for your vision to fly.

Sitting to plan is work (Luke 14:28). Not too many people can truly sit to plan. Most people love to run around but few people (leaders) sit to plan. Those who sit to plan would not have to run aimlessly. They also achieve more than those who do not. It may look like a waste of time planning, but time used in planning is time saved in execution.

Planning helps you to set the right goals that would help the fulfilment of your vision. A goal is simply vision with a deadline. Whereas, vision speaks about the end, goals are simple steps you would take in achieving the vision (Isaiah 46:10, Habakkuk 2:3). Goals help you to achieve your vision in bits; they simplify your efforts and accelerate fulfilment (Isaiah 28:10, 13).

Where as, vision answers the question, ‘what’, planning answers the question, ‘how’. Knowing the how is the secret to high performance (Ecclesiastes 10:15). Most visions would not communicate the details, it is in planning that the details are worked out; the more detailed your vision or plan is, the more dynamic it becomes.

Planning helps maximize resources. For most visions, the problem is not always provision but planning. Planning helps to factor in unforseen contingencies; you avoid the avoidable (Proverbs 22:3). Planning enhances speed and reduces wastages (Luke 9:14-17). Planning helps you to spot opportunities and leverage them promptly.

© ‘Demola Awoyele
Lead Pastor,
Destiny Impact Church
Akure, Nigeria