The first time my pastor told me to take a slot in Church on a Sunday morning. I was scared. I felt unprepared. I felt unworthy. It looked as though I was not cut out for it. My pastor insisted I take it. He encouraged me. I went ahead to take the slot. His comment afterwards became a great encouragement. Today, I am into the pulpit ministry full time. Thank God for my pastor. Thank God for Church.

Friend, there is something God has packaged for you in your God ordained Church that is meant to birth your destiny. Not everybody will need a mechanic, a dentist or a lawyer. But everyone needs a Church. Everyone needs a pastor. The day you jettison this truth, you have started to shortchange yourself in purpose and destiny.

Timothy became what he became because of the power of the local Church. He had such a rich heritage that Paul had to remind him of the trans generational faith and ancestral call upon his life (2 Timothy 1:5-6). Grace rubbed off on Timothy as stayed around ministers of the gospel, running errands and getting prepared for life (Acts 16:15).

I have been unashamedly a Church boy for about 25 years now. All that I am, all that I have and all that I am becoming are all products of the local Church. Even if I am not into full time ministry today, the local Church would still be at the centre of my life and operations. I have come to understand that God plants and settles people in a local Church to allow their destiny to be watered to fruition (Psalms 68:6).

There is a donation of divine Grace, Wisdom & moulding that the local Church affords everyone who wills to become anything tangible in life. Church is more than an activity. It is not religion. Church is not where we go to feel spiritual or godly. The local Church is a destiny molding place. The local Church is the centre of God’s activity on the earth.

You life cannot be better than the quality of pastoring you receive. God gives you a pastor as a leader, as a feeder, as a father, as a coach. God plants you in a local Church to provide an atmosphere of training, molding and accountability for you so that you can safely and successfully manifest your destiny. The most critical decision you will ever make, after salvation, is the decision about a local Church. Your destiny depends on it. You will succeed! Amen!

© ‘Demola Awoyele
Lead Pastor,
Destiny Impact Church
Akure, Nigeria