I used to have a lecturer on campus those days. He was one of those you would refer to as a sadist. He was very tough and inhumane in his dealings with students. The day I got to know that he’s not just a Christian but a pastor in a major denomination in our nation, I was really shocked. He lacked compassion.

Friend, passion is good, but compassion is better. One of the attributes of a thoroughly bred Christian is that He is compassionate. You may want to call it kindness or whatever. But you cannot claim that you are a child of God if you don’t have bowels of mercy and acts of kindness (Colossians 3:12, 1 John 3:17). Sometimes, those whom we call Christians are less humane in their dealings with others.

Perhaps the story of the good Samaritan portrays the attitude and lifestyle of some Christians today (Luke 10:30-37). In the midst of getting busy with God, rushing to Church and doing ministry, we forget what really matters as far as God is concerned. James defined true religion as being nice and being right (James 1:27).

Some people pursue rightness at the expense of niceness, while some do the opposite. But a balance Christian learns to maintain both. He keeps himself unspotted from the world while extending a helping hand to others (James 1:27). We make a difference by having compassion, not by living with passion (Jude 1:22). Passion is good, but compassion is better (Matthew 9:36).

Jesus went about doing good before healing the sick (Acts 10:38). He was not just an anointed man. He was also a good man. I don’t only want to be described as an anointed man, I also want to be described as a good man. A lot of anointed people are bad in behaviours. You may want to ask their neighbours and colleagues at work.

People do not care how much you know until they know how much you care (John 11:35-36). People would remember your acts of kindness before your sound biblical exegesis. Like it has been rightly said; “Preach the gospel, if possible, use words.” Your attitudes and actions can either open the door for the gospel or erect walls (Acts 9:36-43). You need to show compassion. Did you hear?

‘Demola Awoyele
Lead Pastor,
Destiny Impact Church
Akure, Nigeria