As I got down from the car to our apartment that day, I attempted to open the entrance door. I noticed the door was not opening. I kept trying, only for me to discover that it was the car key that I was using to open our apartment’s door. I laughed at myself, but I learnt a lesson; always use the right key.

Friend, always use the right key. The kingdom of God is a kingdom of keys (Matthew 16:19, Revelation 3:7). A lot of what people are struggling with today only requires the right keys. You cannot enjoy ease beyond the keys that are available to you. I love breakthroughs, but I prefer open-through. The latter is easier than the former. You need the right keys to enjoy open-through.

There is the key to the kingdom, and there are the keys of the kingdom. The key to the kingdom is salvation, but the keys of the kingdom are numerous (Matthew 16:19, Luke 11:52, John 3:3-5). The fact that you have access to a big mansion (salvation) does not mean you would have access to the gym, the kitchen, the master bedroom, etc. You would need the right keys to those places.

The biggest prayer you can ever pray is to pray for keys. This is why “What must I do to be saved” is a more potent prayer than “Lord, save me” (Acts 16:13). A lot of people are asking God to bless them, heal them, prosper them, etc, rather than asking God to show them what they need to do to be blessed (Ecclesiastes 10:15). Until God shows you the keys to your next level, the struggle continues.

As powerful as prayer is, it is only one of the keys of the kingdom; a major one at that (Matthew 7:7-8). But prayer is not the only key. You can pray and still be poor. You can pray and still be sick. You can pray and still fail in marriage. Any prayer that does not give you the required key to engage in life is another religious frustration. We pray for keys, not just emotions (Daniel 9:20-22).

Using the right keys brings you into responsible Christian living. Humanity must partner with divinity for miracles to happen (John 2:5). Truly, any faith that pushes all responsibility to God is an irresponsible faith. God will supply the key, but you must learn to use it, else you die in frustration. The same God that fights your battles also teaches your hands to war (Psalms 144:1). Selah!

‘Demola Awoyele
Lead Pastor,
Destiny Impact Church
Akure, Nigeria