The secret of your success is hidden in your daily routine, says Dr Mike Murdock. The Daily Life Secret was a revelation God gave me as I was teaching in one of our Built2Last Conferences years ago. It goes thus: If you would master your entire life then you must master each day of your life. Every second counts!

Your entire life is a cumulative effect of the individual days of your life; 365 days make 1 year! This is the secret to a life of fulfillment. I call it; Daily Life Secret. Some people definitely are busy wasting away every day. Some are failing everyday. When you see a man that failed, it was not actually the day that people saw him fail that he failed. He has been failing every day.

If you see a man that fell into sin, it was not that day that he fell into sin that he actually fell, he has been ‘falling’ every day. If you see a man that lost his spiritual fervency ‘suddenly’, it’s not sudden, he has been losing it every day. If you see a man that succeeds in his life, it’s not that day that he succeeded, he has been succeeding every day.

My job is to help you make each of your days in life to count by doing things that will ensure maximum and productive use of your time daily. God helped me to understand this principle early in life and it’s paying off now. While some of us are planning long term the devil is planning both long term and short term.

While you are projecting into 2 months or there about, the devil is projecting into 2 hours. He seems to be saying, “what can I do within 24 hours that will mar this person’s destiny?” While you are saying, “I missed my quiet time today, it doesn’t matter”, the devil is saying, “ok, only today?” Let’s make sure that he misses it tomorrow and next.

“Blessed be the Lord, who daily loads us with benefits, even the God of our salvation” (Psalms 68:19). Our God is a daily God. If you catch this revelation, then your life is settled. The benefits or blessings of God come to you daily. Whatever God will do for you in the course of your entire life, He will be doing them day by day. This is why you must learn to number your days so you can gain a heart of wisdom (Psalms 90:12). You will succeed!

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