I stopped by at one of the tallest buildings in a city a while ago. As I listened to the leader of the organisation, he made a remark that provided timely insight for me. He said; “What went down into the foundation of this building is perhaps more than what you are seeing on the outside. We invested a lot in the foundation.”

Friend, the correct kingdom order for fruitfulness is to take root downward and then bear fruit upward (Isaiah 37:31). You cannot safely, smoothly and successfully bear fruits upward if you have not taken roots downward. One way to crash in life is to ignore this kingdom order of taking deep roots.

God has a remnant in every generation. These are people that the Lord has chosen to preserve His heritage and standards in their generation, and you can be one of them. In the days of Elijah, there were the Seven Thousand (7,000) remnant who have not kissed Baal or bow their knees to him (1 Kings 19:18).

God always has an answer. He is never and can never be stranded no matter what (Romans 11:4). What is going on between you and God is more important than what people are seeing or saying about you. Let God work on you if you want Him to work with you and through you.

Take time to go deep. Don’t be in a hurry to ‘manifest’. Don’t have a fake manifestation that is not based on deep roots. If you appear before your time you would soon disappear (Luke 1:80). Life is a marathon, not a sprint. You need to prepare for the long haul.

If you are at the stage where God is deepening you, don’t be discouraged or wearied (Hebrews 12:1-13). Know that it is because He wants your fruits to endure. A skyscraper takes longer in foundation laying than a bungalow. Take roots downwards!