Recently, some mature Christians from different denominations were having a conversation around Christian growth and character. While I maintained my usual quiet and unassuming posture among them, one of the folks said something striking and humbling. He said; “A lot of Churches only gather crowd without thorough discipleship but I’m sure if you go to DIC (the name of our Church), you will grow.”

Friend, you need to take deep roots in discipleship. Perhaps, the greatest need of this generation is discipleship; not just mentorship as we have ‘rebranded’ it. Mentorship most times is a secular position, discipleship is a kingdom position. Who is modelling you after Christ (1 Corinthians 11:1)? If you become a better Christian you would become better at whatever you do; a better husband, employee, wife, pastor, boss, governor etc.

Don’t joke with discipleship. Go to a Church where discipleship is thorough (1 Timothy 3:15). Follow a man of God that will be patient and strong enough to disciple you (Jeremiah 3:15). Discipleship produces disciplined people. It produces toughness and resilience. Take deep roots in preparation for your ultimate calling and your particular role in life (2 Peter 1:10). Don’t let anyone prop you up. Take your time.

If you are into singing ministry, take your time to be deeply trained in that assignment (I’m not just taking about voice training). Develop sensitivity to the Holy Spirit. Develop the life of a worshiper, not just the activity and career of worship. If you are to be a sportsman, develop fitness and stamina required for your work. Same goes for a pastor, a politician, and every other role in life.

Don’t go to a Church that is only preparing you to make heaven. Rather, go to a Church that will prepare you for your purpose and destiny. If you are prepared enough for destiny you would have done more than enough to make heaven. Heaven is not our reward; it is the place of our reward for a life well spent on earth (Revelation 4:13).