She had been thinking of starting the venture for a while. A lot of thinking, praying, calculations, and all that. But they all ended up without action. The moment she decided to step out, everything began to align. In her words, “I never knew that God has something big as this for me.” She took corresponding action.

Friend, greatness is not just for talkers. It is for doers. It is for those who would work their talk. While it is good to think and talk about what God has said to you or shown you, it is important that you work the talk. Thank God for positive confessions, but without corresponding actions, there would be no positive results. Talk plus work equals success.

God has already given us the secret of success in His word when He gave Joshua the charge at the beginning of his assignment; information, meditation, confession, and action (Joshua 1:8). Until you bring your life and endeavours in alignment with this four-fold charge, success will be a mirage.

People do not usually pay attention to the action part. We engage in a lot of information gathering, thinking or meditation, lots of confessions, and the likes, but little or no action. Did you notice that the responsibility to make your way prosperous is yours, and not God’s? God has ordained you to prosper, but you would have to make your way prosperous!

You cannot be singing “standing on the promises” when all you are doing is sitting on the premises. You will never know what God can do until you go all out doing what He has said. Miracles are not for loafers. Destiny fulfilment is not for those who sit in the valley of decisions (Joel 3:14). It is for those who take actions like Abraham, even when they do not know where they are headed (Hebrews 11:8).

Make up your mind today to take steps along your destiny. What is that thing you have been thinking and planning to do? What is that thing you have been afraid of doing but you know it’s God’s will for you? What is keeping you from stepping into the waters of your destiny? Like Esther, you need to rise up with the promise of God and take your destiny in your own hands (Esther 4:14-16). You will succeed!

‘Demola Awoyele
Lead Pastor,
Destiny Impact Church
Akure, Nigeria