When he stood up to share his testimony in Church that day, I got to appreciate more the power of the right joining. According to him; “It was not until I accepted this Church as my Church and God’s servant as my pastor that I began to experience notable changes in my life.” I’ve watched the trajectory of this young man’s journey since then; it has been upwards and forward.

Friend, there is something spiritual about joining (Ecclesiastes 9:4). The devil will do everything possible to take you away from your God ordained place and people. Peter’s deliverance from the sifting of the devil was through the critical joining he had with Christ (Luke 22:31-32). Who or what you are joined to determines your experience in life; victory or defeat (2 Kings 6:15-17).

Don’t leave your God ordained Church! Don’t leave your God ordained pastor! Don’t severe yourself from your God ordained relationships! Until the devil separates you, he cannot destroy you (Genesis 13:7-13). Joining you is God’s business, taking care of your joining is your own business. Beware of the devil’s strategy of separation; offences, distance, excuses, dishonor etc.

When God wants to bless a man, He joins him to the right relationships, but when the devil wants to destroy a man, he separates him from critical relationships. Don’t let the devil separate you when God is working to join you. One of the marks of destructive people as explained in scriptures is separation (Jude 1:19). In these last days, you must ensure you are not wrongly separated or joined.

In the kingdom, your joint determines, not only your safety but also your supply and increase (Ephesians 4:16). It is a kingdom of joint and supplies. When you miss your joint, you would miss your supply. Your allocation is tied to your location; your connection determines your collection, your planting determines your fruiting (Psalms 1:3, 92:13).

Know where and with whom God has planted you and stay there (John 6:67-68). Stop moving here and there. Stop changing Church, mentors and critical relationships like you change clothes. Your flourishing and freshness are tied to your location. Your precise location in destiny is like green pastures, your posture must be to lie down, not sit on the fence (Psalms 23:2).