“The sun comes out from his home like a bridegroom. He is very happy to run fast, like a very strong man” (Psalms 19:5 ESV).

Our feeling must follow our action and not vice versa. You can wake up on a day and you feel so down or demotivated, learn to motivate yourself. Some people wake up on the wrong side of the bed but any side of the bed that I wake up from is always the right side because my motivation is not determine by how I sleep or wake up, it is determined by my decision. I decide to be motivated daily even when there is nothing to be motivated about or when there are a lot of things that could have demotivated me. It is a choice. It is a decision.

The decision to stay motivated is perhaps one of the most important decisions you must make this year. It would help you to stay on top of situations and circumstances. It would help you to go all out pursuing your dreams and visions even when situations seem unfavourable. Staying motivated will help you to sustain momentum in every adventure of life. Most times, people start out on a high note but when the road gets rough and difficult, they become deflated and demotivated, they become discouraged. Listen, God has not told you it would be easy, He has only assured you that it would be possible; EASY and POSSIBLE are not the same. A lot of things that are possible are never going to be easy so you need a great doze of motivation to keep doing stuff until you get results.

You need relationships around your life that would light your fire and not extinguish it. You need people that would tell you it is possible even if they don’t know how. You need people that would communicate and emphasize your potentials to you and not your problem. Run away from those who keep telling you that you cannot do it. Get away from relationships that keep talking you down and making you feel like a ‘good for nothing’. You need people that would speak words of encouragement to you daily and not those that keep putting you down. You need a pastor, a friend and a spouse that would be motivators in your life.

You also need to position yourself as a motivator. He that must have motivators around him must position to be one. He that must receive motivation must be prepared to give one. Get out every day, motivating people. You don’t have to be a pastor or a positional leader to be a motivator. You can motivate just about anyone at just about anywhere, anytime and any place. Decide to be a fire lighter and not a fire extinguisher. Decide to be the one cheering on another who is on the path of success. Be the one telling people that their God-given dreams and visions are possible. Be the one helping people to see the potentials in them rather than always pointing out their problems and their errors.

The world is already filled with a lot of demotivations and demotivators, don’t add to it. This season, we need one another to succeed; we need to keep cheering each other on to success (Isaiah 41:7). We can all defeat failure together. We can all thrive even in the midst of the economic devastation brought about by the #Covid-19 pandemic. We can experience a glorious month, quarter and second half, if only we can stay motivated and help others too to be motivated. You can either be a fire lighter or a fire extinguisher; the choice is yours. And the good news is that a fire lighter will never lack fire, a motivator can never lack motivation. Be a fire lighter today, and not a fire extinguisher!!!

May the Lord position fire lighters around you and remove fire extinguishers far from you!

© ‘Demola Awoyele
Lead Pastor,
Destiny Impact Church
Akure, Nigeria