One day, I was visiting with a senior minister of the gospel. He happens to be an associate pastor in a particular ministry. My posture, attitude and response around him thrilled him that he said, “you are a G.O of a ministry and you are still doing like this around associate pastors like us.” My response to him further thrilled him. I said, sir, “no matter what I become, I am still your son. There are some people one must not joke with no matter the height one has attained.”

Friend, one of the most difficult things to handle in life is success. Not too many people can succeed with success. As much as failure is a burden that no one wants to carry, success is also a responsibility not many people are adequately prepared to handle. There are some Success Transmitted Diseases (STDs) that you need to be aware of and ensure they do not affect you.

Success Transmitted Diseases (STDs) are ‘diseases’ that attack people when they achieve some measure of success. While you are still struggling or making efforts to succeed, you may not know that these STDs exist until you get to that place of success. This is why you must not be too much in a hurry to assume you are immune against these ‘diseases’ unless you prepare for them.

Naaman would have missed his healing because of a STD called pride. To him, he has become someone important in life that he couldn’t obey such a humbling instruction of the Man of God (2 Kings 5:9-12). The problem of Naaman was not the state of river Jordan but the state of his heart (2 Kings 5:13-15). This is why you cannot hold on to your reputation and expect to keep the power of God at the same time.

Lucifer lost his place with God when he allowed the STD of pride and rebellion to attack him (Isaiah 14:12-16, Ezekiel 28:14-15). He saw his placement as a right, not a privilege. What about Samson? He confused anointing with intimacy with God. He misjudged his exploits out there with his relevance before God. He lost his eyes and relevance in the process (Judges 16:20-21). Don’t let your success out there confuse you. True success is not measured by what is happening for you in the public but by your private life with God.

© ‘Demola Awoyele
Lead Pastor,
Destiny Impact Church
Akure, Nigeria