We have been having daily testimonies from our ongoing Fasting & Prayers exercise in Church. This is consistent with what God told us at the beginning of the 21 Days Fast. During one of the evening prayers, I felt inspired to tell God’s people these words;

“Never judge your progress with God only with the testimonies you are having. That God is blessing you (or not) does not mean that He approves (or disapproves) of your life.” It brought encouragements and perspective to everyone.

Friend, success is in perspective. Once you get your perspective wrong, you would mix up everything. Success for someone at a particular time may mean going deeper, having roots deep in the soil of destiny. While for another, it might be bearing immediate physical fruits for all to see (Isaiah 37:31). We would be mistaken to assume that the person who has “no fruit” to show isn’t blessed.

Years ago, God told a dear man of God this life-changing statement; “Son, success for me is being where I ask you to be per time even if it means being on the same spot.” That statement helped his perspective early enough in ministry and stabilised him for the unusual success and progress he’s enjoying today.

Success is in perspective. For example, you would think that Elizabeth was barren until you notice that John the baptist must be the forerunner of Jesus; he must be about six months older than Jesus (Luke 1:5-17). Elizabeth’s ‘success’ in having a baby was tied to Mary’s time of conception and delivery.

Hannah should not have paid attention to the mockery of Peninnah and others if only she realised that God was preparing her womb for the next prophetic agenda; while Hannah was waiting, Samuel’s birth was in the pipeline (1 Samuel 1:6, 20). This is why you must not allow what people say to you to affect you.

Know where you are with God and what He’s doing with you per time. Success is simply making the required progress per time as it relates to God’s unique purpose for your life. We cannot even judge anyone successful until we know what God has said or is saying concerning that person (Romans 14:4). Success is in perspective. Get your perspective right. You will succeed. Amen.

© ‘Demola Awoyele
Lead Pastor,
Destiny Impact Church
Akure, Nigeria