Years ago, I was counselling a young graduate on career and job matters. Even though he was bent on leaving our city to another major city in the country, I knew he should not go. But I gave him the liberty to do as he pleased. He was in that city for months with no job or means of sustenance. I also tried my best to fix him up over there, all to no avail. He returned with these words; “I was not supposed to have left.”

Friend, success is not from abroad but from above. Your location does not determine your success but your connection to your source of allocation. Your allocation will meet you in your location (1Kings 17:1-6). Your consignment will meet you in your place of assignment.

There is blessing in famine. Famine helps us to tune our ears to the Holy Spirit and develop accuracy in divine communication. For Isaac, at the instruction of God, he planted crops in that same place of famine and he reaped a hundred fold return (Genesis 26:10-12). He was where God wanted him to be and he experienced the blessing of accuracy and obedience (Genesis 26:1-2). He soon became the envy of all!

Famine taught Isaac diligence and consistency. He laboured even in famine. Listen, God’s blessings will not excuse us from labour, it would actually make us to labour accurately and profitably. The fact that it is not working does not mean that God is not in it for you (Micah 7:8).

I encourage you to rise up today and pour in some labours in that location, business, ministry, marriage, career and whatever it is God has chosen for you. Don’t let the devil or pressures of life and circumstances send you packing out of town! You need to labour intelligently, intentionally, consistently and accurately in your place (Proverbs 22:29).

Consistency will always break the ground. If you will not give up, God has not and will not give up on you (Acts 26:22). There is blessing in famine. There is advantage in your adversity. There is prosperity in austerity, if only you would rise up in faith, focus and trust in God to pour in some labours. The seasons are changing for your good. Amen.

© ‘Demola Awoyele
Lead Pastor,
Destiny Impact Church
Akure, Nigeria