“For our light affliction, which is but for a moment, works for us a far more exceeding and eternal WEIGHT OF GLORY” (2 Corinthians 4:17).

Sometimes, when blessings or answers to prayers seem delayed, it is not the devil delaying it but it is God withholding or keeping it, waiting for you to develop capacity for what you are asking for, so that it would not crush you. STOP POSTPONING YOUR MIRACLE! STOP DELAYING YOUR HARVEST! STOP PUSHING YOU DAYS OF GLORY AWAY! You need to develop the capacity right now!

As a business man, I know you want your business to grow and go global. After covid-19, you want to be able to travel from one country to another for business engagements. You want to do legitimate business with all kinds of people. BUT ARE YOU USING THIS PERIOD TO BUILD CAPACITY FOR THIS LEVEL OF LIFE? Or are you going to jeopardize your prayer life, your walk with the Lord because of the glory of a growing business?

ARE YOU GOING TO SHORTCHANGE YOURSELF IN THE PURSUIT OF DIVINE PURPOSE BECAUSE YOU ARE NOW VERY BUSY AS BUSINESS BECOMES DEMANDING? Will you now consider it normal and sinless to take alcohol, womanize etc. because that is what is obtainable at that level of operation? WHAT ARE YOU DOING NOW TO STAND STRONG IN CONVICTION AND DISCIPLINE IN ORDER TO ENSURE THAT GOD DOES NOT LOSE YOU WHEN HE HAS FINALLY BLESSED YOU? This is why you need to use this season to develop capacity.

RATHER THAN GETTING BOTHERED ABOUT WHAT GOD HAS NOT DONE FOR US OR IS ABOUT TO DO IN OUR LIVES, WE SHOULD BE MORE PREOCCUPIED WITH WHAT WE ARE DOING TO BE READY FOR GOD. Yes, God is ready for us but we have got to be ready for Him if we want His plans and purposes to materialise in our lives. When God sees a ready man, He would release His ready blessings upon that man because He knows that He can handle the weight of that blessing. WHAT YOU CAN HANDLE DETERMINES WHAT GOD CAN RELEASE!

As we trust God for a glorious post COVID-19 season, I want you to make up your mind that this pandemic season will not leave you the same. IT WOULD LEAVE YOU BETTER AND NOT BITTER. IT WOULD LEAVE YOU STRONGER AND NOT WEAKER. IT WOULD LEAVE YOU MORE SOUND IN GOD AND IN DESTINY MATTERS THAN YOU WERE BEFORE. This season would help you to scale of your developmental process.

You would stop complaining or getting bored. You would rather maximize the season to prepare for the glory that is ahead. You would check areas of lapses and inconsistencies in your life and release yourself to the moulding hands of God to shape you for what is ahead. MAY YOU NOT MISS YOUR DESTINY OF GREATNESS IN JESUS NAME!