Someone asked one of our leaders in church how he got to know about our church. His response startled this person. He said; “I have been part of pastor’s ministry since campus days. So when I got married and relocated to Akure, I had to reconnect.” From that conversation, I got to appreciate the power of consistency.

Friend, when it comes to matters of the calling, consistency is key. There is no sudden rise anywhere. Any sudden rise you see would become an eventual fall, sooner or later. God does not prepare His men in a hurry. Ministry is not noodles. The call of God is a marathon, not a 100-meter dash. You need to prepare for the long haul and be ready to stay committed, come rain, come shine (Hebrews 12:1-2).

Big shots are simply small shots that kept shooting until they became big. Every called person must have a staying power. Faith, Focus, and Freshness are nonnegotiable trio in the school of the calling (2 Timothy 4:6-8). It does not matter whether you are called into pulpit ministry, business, governance, or any form of career. If you are not consistent, you would fizzle out with time.

You cannot be here and there and hope to make something significant out of your life (1 Kings 20:40). No plant grows healthily and vitally if it is always removed and transplanted every now and then. We are called trees of righteousness because we are to stay planted in God and in our purpose and calling (Isaiah 61:3). It is those who are planted that would flourish (Psalms 92:12-15). Don’t let the devil shift you from your place.

Consistency will break the ground in the long run. There are no hard places. We only have people who refuse to give the required commitment to their call and assignment (Acts 26:22). Your profiting is tied to your consistency (1 Timothy 4:15). Consistency is a character matter. When you easily move from place to place, business to business or assignment to assignment, you lack character, and you cannot be trusted with greatness (SOS 1:6, James 1:8).

Stop looking for greener pastures. The grass will always look greener on the other side. But you need consistency to water your own ground of the calling to make it attractive. Green pasture is an eventuality in the calling, not something immediate or automatic (Galatians 6:9). Even if the ground does not appear green, stay there, water it with commitment, and turn it into a garden beautiful to behold (Isaiah 51:1-3, Joel 2:3). Did you hear?

‘Demola Awoyele
Lead Pastor,
Destiny Impact Church
Akure, Nigeria