He was supposed to be stepping into divine call. But in less than two years, he has changed location like four times, claiming God has led him to different States. The next thing he said was that God would want him to travel out of the country to go do his ministry. I knew he was not safe to relate with. He was dissipating his energy.

FRIEND, CONSISTENCY IS GOLDEN IN THE PURSUIT OF DIVINE CALL. Stop dissipating your energy. Be disciplined enough to stay where God wants you to stay, doing what He wants you to do, irrespective of what you see on the surface (Acts 26:19). DON’T BE IN A HURRY TO SUCCEED. You need conviction and commitment if you would be consistent on your path of destiny (Acts 26:22).

THE DEVIL IS A MASTER AT WASTING PEOPLE’S TIME ESPECIALLY IN THEIR PRIME. There is the distraction that every young person must avoid. It is the deception that you can do everything and can be everywhere. It is thinking that you have time to gyrate about rather than focusing on what matters. THE DEVIL WILL DECEIVE YOU TO BE HERE AND THERE UNTIL YOU ARE NOWHERE TO BE FOUND (1 Kings 20:40).

Consistency is a proof of character. AN INCONSISTENT PERSON LACKS CHARACTER AND IS NOT QUALIFIED TO TASTE SUCCESS. Nobody does anything tangible in a hurry. Some people’s lives are attractive today because they have poured decades of consistent hard work in their chosen field (2 Timothy 4:6-8). IF YOU WANT WHERE THEY ARE NOW, YOU MUST BE READY TO TRAVEL THEIR ROAD WITHOUT DRIFTING.

Just as no seed grows without being planted, no destiny can grow without being rightly planted (Psalms 92:13). Don’t let the devil, people or circumstances move you out of your place. Stop changing careers, businesses or ministries here and there. SIT DOWN AND FIND OUT WHAT AND WHERE TO POUR YOUR LIFE IN AND START DOING THAT RIGHT AWAY. You will not be young forever (John 21:17-18).

I was taught early in life that the secret to a life of success and significance is to get it right and get better (Proverbs 4:18). YOU CANNOT GET BETTER ON WHAT YOU HAVE NOT GOTTEN RIGHT. And when you do get it right, give yourself time to get better. Don’t jump here and there always trying different things without the patience to watch what you do make real progress. DON’T DISSIPATE YOUR ENERGY.

‘Demola Awoyele
Lead Pastor,
Destiny Impact Church
Akure, Nigeria