My worst result on campus came when I tried using an unfamiliar method. I usually do not cram when writing exams. I love to study, understand and reproduce effortlessly, and it worked for years. But based on what people said about this particular course, I decided to cram. The result? I got stuck in exam hall. It was a woeful performance. I had used an untested weapon.

Friend, don’t use an untested weapon (1 Samuel 17:39). Relying on an untested weapon in the day of battle is to be on a suicide mission. This is one of the reasons people fail in life. Until you overcome the pressure of trying to fit into what is popular you cannot achieve the highest level of greatness (1 Samuel 17:45).

Don’t let this world squeeze you into its own mold (Romans 12:2). The world has its way of doing things. Sometimes, not going the way of the world would make you look stupid. But who the world calls stupid may be the smartest person as far as God is concerned. Like, Abraham, Noah, Daniel, David etc., you cannot stand out in your generation by trying to blend in (Daniel 1:8).

God always has His pattern of dealing with each of us. One of the proofs of maturity is to understand God’s pattern for you and be strong enough to stick to it against all odds (Isaiah 11:3). Saul’s armour may look popular and sophisticated but it won’t deliver Goliath into your hands (1 Samuel 17:40). What have you tested? What has worked for you?

Stick to God’s pattern for you. It is where God’s grace flows easily (1 Corinthians 15:10). God has not designed life to be by struggle. Most times, struggles are a reflection of a misalignment somewhere. There is an unforced rhythm of grace made available for men of purpose and divine pattern where they achieve results as though effortlessly.

Don’t follow the multitudes. Rather, follow God and the multitudes will follow you (Mark 1:35-37). Stick to God’s established pattern for you. How has God raised finances for you over time? Stick to it. How has God opened doors of ministry for you in the past? Stick to it. How does God communicate with you? Stick to it. When you try to dance to the tune of the world, you end up making a caricature of your destiny (Luke 7:31-35). Be instructed!

‘Demola Awoyele
Lead Pastor,
Destiny Impact Church
Akure, Nigeria