When I was growing up in those days with my brothers, very few people could connect where we came from with the attitude with which we led our lives. In fact, most people thought that we came from a well established family. We stayed motivated against all odds. It paid off in the long run.

Friend, you need to stay motivated (Psalms 19:5). Life will deliver to you to the extent that you are motivated about life. No matter what has happened or not happened, you have got to put the past behind you and focus on the future with high energy and motivation. There are still a lot that God has in store for you that you should be excited about (Psalms 27:13).

Your excitement shows to God that you are still interested. Until the word of God turns you on it cannot turn your situation around (Psalms 119:162). Your response to God’s word must be that of excitement and rejoicing. While understanding is the foundation of getting the juice out of God’s word, motivation is the energy you need to step into what the word has to offer.

The Bible is a book of motivation. God is the greatest motivator of all time. You cannot hear God and still be down or dull. One of the proofs that you are hearing the devil or some unsent men is that your morale is dampened. God speaks to raise our expectation, the devil does otherwise (Judges 6:12, Psalms 119:49).

God does not speak about your problem, He speaks about your potentials and possibilities. God does not tell you what you cannot do. He tells you what you can do. God does not emphasis our failure He points out our successes. God does not focus on and emphasize what we have done wrong, He emphasizes what we can do right.

You need fire lighters around you, not fire extinguishers. You need people who would spur you up to success. You need those who would help you to get on your feet to become what God has ordained you to become. Whereas, we need understanding to be rooted and built up, we need motivation to take actions (2 Chronicles 20:20).