I was teaching in church recently when I explained to God’s people that contrary to what people say, service is not the route to greatness. It is the greatness itself. Most people serve so that they can become great without realising that when you get lost in service, you are already great. Service is greatness.

Friend, true greatness is best expressed in service. You are as great as the service you render where God has strategically placed you (Acts 13:36). You don’t serve to become great. You serve because you are great (Luke 22:25-27). You need to understand this truth and walk in consciousness of it as you run your race, work your grace, stay in your place, and serve your way to the fulfilment of your destiny.

When you stay relevant where God has placed you, you are already great. In marriage, for instance, the greatness of the spouse is in serving the other person. A wise woman serves her husband and ensures he becomes great and vice versa. When a woman understands her place, she will not be struggling with the man. The man is not better than the woman. He is only different. What we need in marriage is not gender equality but gender understanding.

Men are different from women and vice versa. We are equal in creation but different in roles, responsibilities, placement, and assignments. Until we understand this, we will always be struggling unnecessarily. When a woman takes her place in the life of a man, greatness becomes natural. Abraham and Sarah are good examples among others (Isaiah 51:1-2,, 1 Pet 3:6-7).

You don’t always have to be the head to be relevant (1 Samuel 23:16-17). You can serve in someone else’s things till you die. Greatness does not consist in what you own but in who you are and what is assigned to you. You can serve your way to greatness. Stop struggling to be great, find greatness in someone and/or something, and serve it! There is a grace apportioned to you by God, find it, and serve with it.

There is someone placed in your life to serve and move unto greatness. Find that person, serve that person as you would serve the Lord Christ (Colossians 3:23-24). Don’t move to a place where you don’t have grace or anointing for. Don’t let the devil deceive you. You are only strong and protected in your own place. It comes with ease. No struggle. No infighting. No complex problem. No competition or agitation. Manifest true greatness by serving in your place.

‘Demola Awoyele
Lead Pastor,
Destiny Impact Church
Akure, Nigeria