Several years ago, I pastored a young man who was a risk taker. He would come to me with big business propositions. He once abandoned a good paying job to pursue his business dreams. The last time I saw him, he was already employing quite a good number of people and making significant progress in life and business.

Friend, there are three kinds of people on the earth; the risk takers, the caretakers and the undertakers. You need to choose which category you would belong by your understanding of the Kingdom and your attitude towards life. While risk takers care about the future, caretakers care about the present and undertakers care about the past.

God is always leading you forward. Until you learn to deal with your past you cannot journey into a glorious future with God. Abraham had to move out of his father’s house to an “unknown” future with God. It was a form of risk (Genesis 12:1, Hebrews 11:8). God was starting something new with him and he would need to leave the old to step into the new.

Risk takers live life in the challenge zone, caretakers live life in the coasting zone while undertakers live in the comfort zone. Your success is at the other side of comfort and fear. For some people, what used to be a challenge zone ends up being a comfort zone after they have been so used to it. Terah planned to go to Canaan but he settled and died in Haran (Genesis 11:31-32). Which Haran are you settling in?

Success is a journey, not a destination. You need to constantly stay inspired and challenged if you would manifest greatness and fulfil destiny. We are all taking risks everyday but successful people have learnt to take risks intentionally and intelligently. Life is a risk. Getting married is a risk. Boarding an airplane is a risk. Starting a ministry is a risk.

“…Why sit we here until we die?” (2 Kings 7:3). It is risky not to take a risk. Learn to take Holy Spirit inspired risks. This is another definition of Faith (Hebrews 11:27). Sometimes, you need to bite more than you can chew so that God can help you to chew it. You would not know how powerful God is until you commit Him. When next the devil asks you, “What if you fail?” Reply him, “What if I succeed?”

© ‘Demola Awoyele
Lead Pastor,
Destiny Impact Church
Akure, Nigeria