I was in a gathering recently where people were asking a number of questions about me. One of such questions was; “Who’s Pastor’s favourite music artiste?” Many answers flew here and there. But one young man mentioned a particular artiste. He said most times, when he drives with me, he would always hear such songs playing on repeat inside my car. I have learnt to put joy on repeat.

Friend, learn to put joy on repeat. A lot of times, we put the wrong things on repeat. We put our failures, hurts, disappointments, worries, and doubts on repeat, instead of putting joy on repeat. The truth is, what you put on repeat is what would drive your life (1 Timothy 4:15). It would determine the atmosphere around your life. If you put joy on repeat, positivity and divine presence would take over your life (Psalms 16:11).

What do you think that Paul means when he says to rejoice always and forever more (Philippians 4:4, 1 Thessalonians 5:16)? He means that we should put joy on repeat. Yes, let your life and atmosphere be saturated with joy! With joy playing in the background and beaming all over you, no devil can defeat you. No situation or circumstance has the power to drown a joyful believer. Indeed, joy is a weapon (Psalms 114:1-8, 149:6). You cannot have joy and lack God.

God operates in an atmosphere of joy just as Satan operates in an atmosphere of worry (Psalms 16:11). Who do you want to bring to your life and sphere; God or Satan? The atmosphere you create would determine that. You should deliberately create the kind of atmosphere you want. Don’t let life or people determine what goes on in and around your life.

Why do you guard other things in your life except your heart? You guard your phones and tablets with pouches. You guard our house with a big gate. You guard your body with clothes. But you leave your heart unguarded. You allow just anything to play around it and pollute it. You allow what people do or say to stick to you. You allow trash on social media to be deposited on your heart without restraint. It’s time to take charge of your heart (Proverbs 4:23)!

Learn to put joy on repeat. Intentionally sing joyful songs (Psalms 98:4). Choose to be grateful to God. Get into atmospheres of positivity. Determine to meditate only on God’s goodness, not on satanic wickedness (Psalms 103:1-5). Decide to feed on what is true, not on junks on the media (Philippians 4:8). If you can put joy on repeat, your realities will change for the better. Remember; it is not because things are bad that you are not joyful. It is because you are not joyful that things are bad. I see everything turning around for your good today. Put joy on repeat.

‘Demola Awoyele
Lead Pastor,
Destiny Impact Church
Akure, Nigeria