I received a text message from her that evening after the Sunday service; “Sir, it’s as if you knew what I was going through. Everything you said during that service was for me. I thank God I came. My burdens are lifted, and I’m blessed.” I get to hear this kind of testimony every now and then.

Friend, you must learn to recognise, appreciate, and receive the prophetic side of your pastor’s ministry if you would get the best of God in church. I believe strongly that a pastor is a government of heaven packaged for the local Church and believers. Inside his ministry are various departments of heavenly operations handed down to mankind.

Most people don’t know how to relate well with their pastor (Jeremiah 3:15). Some value the ministry of some high sounding prophets above the ministry of their local church pastor. When their pastor speaks, they just nod their heads, but when “some prophets” speak, they begin to roll on the floor and shout “Amen” at the top of their voice. It is a sign of ignorance, folly, or both.

The pastor’s ministry may not always look spectacular, but it is highly supernatural. He may not shout. He may not call someone out during his ministration. He may not prophesy dollars out of your pocket, but a lot happens through his ministry that would change your life forever if you would pay attention. Part of the burden of the pastoral ministry is staying with the flock and identifying with them. This often brings familiarity.

If you are a correct sheep, your pastor’s messages are prophecies for you, his examples are God-sent words to you, his counsels are divine instructions given as suggestions, his jokes are pointers to your next level in God, and even his very life is a picture of your future in God (Isaiah 51:1-2, Hebrews 13:7).

When a sheep disdains the voice of His pastor and starts looking for some prophets here and there, he would be a prey in the hands of wolves (John 10:5, 27, Acts 20:26-32). If you have a correct pastor, your life is settled if you follow well (Psalms 23:1-6). As a pastor, magnify your ministry (Romans 11:13). Don’t be intimidated. Do your work thoroughly. Pastor prophetically and provide the right leadership and guidance for God’s people.

‘Demola Awoyele
Lead Pastor,
Destiny Impact Church
Akure, Nigeria