I heard her speaking in a language I have not known before. It sounded weird, I have not been used to such. I thought mum was not alright. I tried waking up my older siblings. She motioned with her hands to assure me all was well. Mum had just got baptised in the Holy Spirit right on her knees! It was in the middle of the night where she rises up to pray.

Mum’s encounter, in my preteen years, was my first initiation into the truth about the ministry of the Holy Spirit in the believers’ life.

Friend, the Holy Spirit is real. He is not a theology or an idea. He is a person. He is not just an experience or an encounter (even though He brings those). He is a living entity, a personality, more real than the person beside you (John 14:17). I got to know the reality of the Holy Spirit right from my mum’s experience. I saw it live when she got baptised. Not only that, I saw her maximise the person and ministry of the Holy Spirit in her everyday life.

The Holy Spirit teaches and guides (John 16:13, 1 John 2:20, 27). My mum does not waste her precious time looking for lost things; things as little as a needle. She simply engages the Holy Spirit and like a magic (actually, miracle), they resurface.

My mum won’t allow cockroaches and rats (let alone witches and wizards) have a field day in our then little apartment when she could engage the Holy Spirit. Her bother about; “When will XYZ be back home?”, after strolling out of the house, was taken away, as she learns to engage the Holy Spirit. In no time, the person surfaces and I would hear her say, “emi mimo e se o”; meaning, “Thank You Holy Spirit”.

What about her business in those days? The Holy Spirit was a factor for her sales. She would not get on the road to go buy stuff for her trade without consulting and engaging the Holy Spirit, and it showed in her purchases. My mum taught me how to do business profitably by the Holy Spirit (Isaiah 48:17, 21).

What about her health? The Holy Spirit and The Blood of Jesus were her most reliable “drugs” and she stayed healthy. I learnt about the reality of the Holy Spirit through her even before I got to know the Lord personally or even get into the ministry. I cannot be convinced other wise. Now, I leverage the Holy Spirit for my daily life and profiting.