One of the associate pastors of a ministry was doing pretty well under the leadership of his setman. Then, people began to advise him to leave the ministry to go start an independent work. To them, he was wasting his gifts serving under his senior pastor. Shortly after he left, everything went down for him. He never realised that he was planted, not buried.

Friend, you are a seed. You are not buried. You are only planted (Matthew 13:37-38). Sometimes, what is planted looks like what is buried. But you only need to give it time. When people think you are buried, they will soon find out that you are only planted. The people in the days of Jesus must have thought Jesus’s death was the end of life. They did not know it was only the beginning of life (John 12:24).

Go through your planting season with the right mindset (Genesis 8:22). Stop complaining. Stop comparing yourself with others. Stop thinking hope is lost. Out of your darkest days would come out a glorious new beginning (Psalms 30:5). What others call an end is only a bend. You are only going through a process. You will soon emerge.

You are not wasting time following God (Job 14:14). You are not wasting away serving where God has planted you. Stop listening to those telling you that God’s grace on your life is wasting away where you are (John 21:20-22). Stop listening to those who tell you that what you carry is being restricted to a place. You are only being planted for a season of fruiting and harvest.

You are not wasting away. You are only being preserved (Psalms 91:1-2). You are being prepared for your ultimate manifestation. Like the mighty man, God often hides us in His quiver before releasing us as kingdom arrows (Psalms 127:4-5). That drawback is not a setback. It is a setup for a major release. You won’t miss your target.

There is a planting season, and there is a harvest season. Each seed is unique. While others are harvesting, yours might wait a little longer. But you would come out bigger and lasting (James 5:7-8). Your peculiar destiny would determine your unique training. Don’t compare yourself with others (2 Corinthians 10:12). Follow God and His unique template for your own life. You are not buried. You are only planted. Is this clear enough?

‘Demola Awoyele
Lead Pastor,
Destiny Impact Church
Akure, Nigeria