He got a fantastic job in a thriving city. I asked him, “did you get this job based on your certificate/field of study or what?” He responded saying, “Pastor, it was based on my skills, not my area of study. Thank you pastor for the platform to serve in Church. The skills through which I got this job were acquired while serving in Church.” This testimony is only one among several of such testimonies. I have seen God pay people in ways unimaginable. Truly, pay day comes!

Friend, when God wants to colour your life, He gives you opportunity to serve. Truly, an invitation to serve is an invitation to greatness. The place of service is the place of molding and making. God does not use people; He makes people. The disciples of Jesus were invited to be made fishers of men (Matthew 4:19). It was evident that they were really made. None of them ended small, except Judas.

“And you shall serve the Lord your God and He shall bless your bread” (Exodus 23:25). My responsibility is to serve. God’s responsibility is to bless. People go about today looking for the blessing without realising that the blessing is in the service. Truly blessed people are those who are lost in service. It may look as though you are wasting away, but you are securing a prosperous future with God (Job 36:11).

Service keeps us healthy. There is a dimension of health and strength available to those who serve. God becomes their personal physician. He cannot afford to see them sick. They are expensive to the economy of Heaven. Their contributions would be missed if they are sick. No wonder God promised to, “remove sicknesses and diseases far from them” (Exodus 23:25). God keeps them fit so they can remain relevant with Him.

I want you to review your service to God and in the Kingdom once again. I see a subtle operation of the devil to use the Covid-19 pandemic to raise irresponsible Christians. Perhaps, while pastors are slaving themselves out based on the demands of ministry during this pandemic, a lot of Christians are loafing about, even spending their time to do stuff that have no eternal relevance. Don’t fall for this. Go back to your life of service.

The Covid-19 pandemic must not hinder service, rather, it must enhance service. Let it redefine how we serve God and help us to do better. Now that a lot of people are on the internet, what do you use it to do? To loaf around or to propagate the gospel? Since you returned to Church from the lockdown, are you still locking yourself down in idleness in Church, while watching the work go on without your involvement? I know your pastor may be happy to see you in Church again, but God would be much more happy to see you in service again.

© ‘Demola Awoyele
Lead Pastor,
Destiny Impact Church
Akure, Nigeria