A woman was having problems with her marriage. She disagreed with her husband on almost everything. One day, she dragged herself to a church program where simple tips on marital success were discussed. She did not put her mind on the things discussed.

However, when she got home, it occurred to her to try out those simple things. In just about 2-3 weeks of practice, she noticed a significant change in her marriage. She ran back to church, met the minister, and shouted; “I never knew marriage is this simple. It is not as complicated as I thought.” Her marriage began to take shape afterwards.

Friend, just as little hinges swing big doors, little things make a huge difference in life (SoS 2:15). Especially in marriage, the things that make for ease and success are not big things. Your marriage can be simple or complicated depending on the wisdom you are working with. Wisdom simplifies life and processes (Proverbs 4:7, 24:13-14).

If you check all through scriptures, you will realize that God’s prescriptions for marriage are not ambiguous; just any dummy can practise them, and they would work. For example, what is complex about husbands loving their wives as Christ loves the Church? What is confusing about wives submitting to their husbands as the Church is submitted to Christ (Ephesians 5:21-30)?

We begin to have issues when we neglect simple instructions while looking for big stuff (John 2:5). In case your marriage is not working at the moment, know that what would be needed to turn things around are, sometimes, simple things. The first marital problem in scriptures was solved with a simple instruction (John 2:1-11). The agitation and embarrassment that could have befallen that new marriage were prevented by obedience to the simple instruction.

What simple instructions are you currently neglecting in your marriage? As a single, are you satisfied with basic Bible prescriptions on finding a life partner and walking the marital journey (Proverbs 18:22, Romans 8:14)? Are you following God or social media celebrities? This would make a huge difference in the kind of marriage that you would have.

God has ordained marriage to be enjoyed, not just to be endured (Proverbs 5:18). It begins with finding and following God’s will for your life (Acts 9:6). Singles, don’t make your own choice, and later cry to God to help your marital crises. Carry God along now. Married people, go back to what started you out in your marriage. Go back to your first love and work (Revelation 2:4-5). Marriage is not complicated; our ignorance, disobedience, and stubbornness often make it so. God will help us!

‘Demola Awoyele
Lead Pastor,
Destiny Impact Church
Akure, Nigeria