One day, my daughter did something wrong. She knew I was very displeased with what she did. As typical of most children, she was trying to avoid me and keeping some distance. But to her greatest surprise, I called her over, handed her a gift and made her feel comfortable as if she did nothing. Afterwards, I gently corrected her.

Friend, one of the gifts you have received in Christ is the gift of No Condemnation (Romans 8:1). You have been justified, declared righteous as if you did not commit any sin (Romans 5:1,17). IN CHRIST, YOU ARE NEVER CONDEMNED. If you feel condemned, it’s either the devil or your mind that condemned you, not God (Romans 14:22, 1John 3:20-21).

Bible scholars have told us that the “who walk not after the flesh…” part of Romans 8:1 was not originally there. We can simply read the whole verse as; “There is therefore now no condemnation for those in Christ Jesus.” You don’t have to first walk in the Spirit before you have the gift of No Condemnation. IT IS THE GIFT OF NO CONDEMNATION THAT WILL ENABLE YOU TO WALK IN THE SPIRIT.

“..Neither do I condemn you: go, and sin no more” (John 8:11). NOBODY CAN HAVE THE POWER TO GO AND SIN NO MORE WHO HAS NOT RECEIVED THE GIFT OF NO CONDEMNATION. Some may think that until people are made to feel bad or condemned, they won’t stop doing bad stuff whereas, in actual fact, the reverse is the case. WHEN PEOPLE FEEL CONDEMNED THEY LOSE THE POWER TO LIVE RIGHT (Luke 19:1-10).

You must differentiate between godly sorrow and satanically engineered sorrow. GODLY SORROW MUST LEAD TO REPENTANCE AND PEACE WITH GOD AFTERWARDS (Romans 5:1, 2 Corinthians 7:10). Satanically engineered sorrow will make you to keep sorrowing over the sins that God has already forgiven you (1 John 2:1,12). It leads to loss of peace with God and with yourself (Matthew 26:75, 27:3-5).

There are two ministries going on today in the spirit; the ministry of accusation headed by the devil (Revelation 12:10), and the ministry of intercession headed by Christ (Romans 8:34, Hebrews 5:7). THE VOICE OF YOUR ADVOCATE, JESUS, IS LOUDER THAN THE VOICE OF YOUR ACCUSER, SATAN (1 John 2:1, Revelation 12:10). Embrace God’s forgiveness today, live in peace and fulfil your destiny (1 John 1:9, Romans 5:1).

‘Demola Awoyele
Lead Pastor,
Destiny Impact Church
Akure, Nigeria