Sometime ago, my daughter said this to me after a church service; “Daddy, I want to pass my exams, I want to score 60/60.” I told her, “Fortunately, we prayed about success at the prayer meeting today.” She said, “Yes, and I said, ‘I receive it'” during the prayers. I helped her to balance it; “Don’t just say, ‘I receive it’. You need to study very well too.” She got the message.

Friend, don’t just say, “I receive it!” You need to work too. The church today is filled with a lot of people who are only saying, “I receive it,” without adding the other ingredient of diligence. We now have pastors who would only pray for people without empowering them with wisdom principles that make for a life of success (1 Corinthians 15:10).

This truth may explain why a lot of people are disappointed at Church. They feel that “Church is a scam; we have not received practically all those stuff we have been ‘receiving’ in prayers.” Listen, church is not a scam. You may only have been taught wrongly or not taught at all. God is not a scam. His ways are plain and perfect for all to see (Hosea 6:3). You need to be under the right pastoral leadership so that you can be exposed to a balanced teaching about God and the Christian life (Jeremiah 3:15). You need the balance of faith and wisdom if you would manifest your ultimate destiny. With Faith, you would say, “I receive it!”, and with wisdom, you would go out there to add the practical dimension that would fast track your receiving (Ecclesiastes 10:10).

Any faith that pushes all responsibility to God is an irresponsible faith. Our faith is not only seen in what we say but in what we do (James 2:17-26). Supernatural does not mean “Super Spiritual.” It actually means super and natural. The Natural is what you do; the Super is the contribution of God to make your natural to become supernatural. What natural things are you doing to give expression to the contributions of God in your life? God will do the impossible; you will do the possible. Miracles are products of divinity and humanity. It is a function of obedience to divine instructions (John 2:5). Miracles are lined up for you this season, but you need to go beyond, “I receive it!” You need to work it out with God. You will testify!

‘Demola Awoyele
Lead Pastor,
Destiny Impact Church
Akure, Nigeria