A dear one shared a testimony the other day about his business. According to him; “I had a lot of customers than I could handle; I had to turn back a lot of people.” While everyone celebrated God’s goodness as revealed in the testimony. I had to call him later on to counsel him to develop capacity and make room for more. God does not give a net-breaking harvest.

Friend, you need to make room for more this season. God hates wastage (John 6:12-13). One way to position yourself for God’s best is to plan for what you are praying for. It is to put the right systems and structures in place to accommodate what God is bringing. Rather than bragging that the blessing is so much that your net had to break, provide more nets. Open new outlets, get more staff, and provide more rooms (Luke 5:4).

You would notice that the miracle in Luke 5 was repeated in John 21, but this time, there was no wastage. All the fishes were counted and accounted for. Peter had learned the lesson (John 21:6, 11). God does not normally send His resources to those who waste it. He sends it to those who would maximize it.

It would take eternity to unravel the capacity and possibility in a rhema word. When God speaks, everyone and everything hears (Luke 5:4). It is ignorance or arrogance to doubt God’s word. Had Peter let down many nets, the fishes would have filled them up. You will decide the limit of your own blessings.

In my opinion, the widow in 2 Kings 4 should have been the wealthiest human being on earth. God opened a channel of unending supplies for her, but her capacity placed the limit on the possibility. You need capacity for your opportunity and possibility (2 Kings 4:3-6).

You would have thought that Jesus would care less about the fragments after feeding thousands of people (John 6:12). He was teaching us something. In the fragments were still 12 baskets (John 6:12-13). The miracle-working power could not be limited. What are you doing with God’s miracle-working power in your life, career, business, and ministry today?

‘Demola Awoyele
Lead Pastor,
Destiny Impact Church
Akure, Nigeria